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April 6, 2008
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Canon PowerShot A620
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Date Taken
Apr 6, 2008, 1:04:42 PM
L'Arc-en-Ciel t-shirt by Klonken L'Arc-en-Ciel t-shirt by Klonken
NOT SELLING T-SHIRTS, sorry people. NEW ACCOUNT: [link]

I really enjoy making t-shirts. First I changed a picture of L'Arc~en~Ciel and changed contrast and drew some things myself, like legs, white parts and the faces. then I drew it on a shirt. I took some hours, I couldn't stop, haha. I'm quite satisfied anyway.

IF someone is interested. I am selling shirts. (though I've only sold two so far, lol) Not this design though, this is my own, haha. I make what you want me to. (sorry for the bad english)
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JemappelleBuu Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2009
Hiii :D is there any way you cand send me that image? the one you used to make the shirt!!!! X_X pleeeeeaseee i need it! i want that shirt!! where i live theres no way ill get one just like that
MaiTeaLatte Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2009
Where are you selling them? :]
Mage0fDo0m Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
0.0 OMG! This is amazing! I have to have one! How much are they?
Klonken Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2008
Thank you very much! :D this one is not for sale (not with this picture on), how much depends a little on how big the pic on will be, but something like 20-30$
Mage0fDo0m Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sweet thanks. Um, if I got you to make me one, I have no idea how to do that. What Country do you live in? I'm in Canada...
elync Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2008
Eyyy, har du något tips på var man kan kö;pa 'vanliga' svarta/vita/röda/mera färger t-shirts till bra pris? Så man kan öva lite utan att plånboken tar skada xD
Klonken Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2008
hmm, jaadu, det skulle väl kunna vara på panduro isf :o vet inte så många ställen, men finns säkert "budget-pennor" eller hur man ska säga. xD eller vill du ha färger i burkar? det är iaf dyrare I think. ah, vet inte så mycket iaf. O_o tyvärr. panduro är det isf.

(förlåt att jag svarar så sent, dA visade inte vad du skrivit innan. >< konstigt)
elync Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2008
Det gör inget! Så blir det för mig också , ibland så kommer det inte upp några bilder som andra uppdaterat med förräns 2 dagar senare myysko :O
Haha men det jag menade var ifall du visste några billiga, vanliga t-shirts som man kan öva på. Såg att jag hade skrivit heelt fel xD Sorry! Tack för det andra svaret :D
Klonken Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2008
hahah jasså xD ja det fattade jag inte, skyller på hur du skrev 8) men nja, det vet jag nog inte. xD kolla i affärer bara, haha. hur är billigt? vet att jag kö;pt för 50-60 kr på typ hm eller nåt, haha.
elync Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2008
Haha, okay tack tack för tipsen D
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